Our Brands

GM Syntex is proud to be associated with two distinguished brands – Pure Fine Fabric and The Pure Concept

Pure Fine Fabrics

Our vision is to infuse high-quality textiles into your space to decorate your home.

From finely crafted fabrics to exquisite wall coverings, every collection demonstrates the depth of Pure’s approach to design. Our focus on authenticity, quality and craftsmanship produces unique collections that are as true to form as function, with each piece made to add a touch of elegance to your space. Inspiration is derived from rich, dynamic environments which celebrate a refined sense of style, reflected through our wide range of weaves, embroideries and wall coverings. Crafted to the very last detail, the stylized motifs, fresh colors and elegant fabrics redefine the art of Pure Living.

The Pure Concept

Established in 2012 by Chanya Kaur and Dalbir Singh, The Pure Concept’s philosophy is to combine creativity and quality for your home. All fabrics are reserved in stock and sold worldwide in cut service. In order to create such a diverse range of fabrics, a large investment goes into the artworks and coloration. These developments contribute to the success of innovative and contemporary textiles that are periodically showcased through several collections.

International photo shoots with some of the finest photographers and stylists ensure that our advertising campaigns are of a high level in the market. Consistency in maintaining technical perfection, quality standards and artistic impacts has helped The PURE CONCEPT acquire a reputed position in the Indian as well as International markets