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The G.M. Syntex factory sprawls over an expanse of 1.2 million square feet, out of which 914,000 sq ft is reserved primarily for manufacturing and it’s where we create and innovate. It revels in a lively industrial sector of MIDC Tarapur, Palghar, Maharashtra.

It houses sophisticated and state-of-the-art machinery directed by our talented team of industry professionals.

Our commitment towards innovation and efficiency enables us to bring our ideas to life with the utmost precision. The factory houses India’s 2nd largest set up of embroidery facilities for home textiles. Notably, the monthly weaving capacity stands at an impressive 1.5 million metres, a testament to our factory’s manufacturing prowess.

We yield a diverse range of yarns, catering to the varying demands of interior lifestyle needs. Our extensive collection of natural, recycled and man-made yarns, either in their purest form or thoughtfully blended, strive to achieve the perfect balance.

Our pledge of creating a sustainable future has been facilitated by the incorporation of recycled yarns, water reclamation and more such impactful changes will further help us get closer towards building a greener world.


Our yarn packaging and warehousing facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art automated shuttle to increase productivity and efficiency.

750 tonnes

Warehousing Capacity

16 tonnes

Daily Inward

15 tonnes

Daily Outward


We have a wide selection of the most sought after natural, recycled and man-made yarns for every interior lifestyle need and want.


Cotton Viscose
Polyester Nylon Chenille
Linen Wool


Poly Cotton & Poly Viscose Viscose Linen
Poly Linen & Poly Wool Poly Chenille & Viscose Chenille
Wool Nylon Poly Viscose Chenille

We Produce

180 tonnes

of Yarn per Month

Winding Conditions are



Our facility has


GUALCHIERI Yarn Machines


We’ve started to take multiple steps on various fronts to protect our environment and build a greener world together. The implementation of recycled yarns across our facilities has allowed us to get closer to our vision.

This year at Heimtextil 2023, we registered ourselves in the Green Directory for sustainable steps taken at multiple fronts. In the years to come, we will explore many sustainable options and work towards making a valuable contribution to the environment.


Warping is the art of arranging threads for weaving, creating the foundation for exquisite fabrics to come.

There are 4 Robotic and 8 Sectional Warping Machines

Our capacity is upto

50 beams

a day

Machines from

Karl Mayers & Lutun CCI


Our facilites are equipped with the most updated

  • Somet Rapier Jacquard Machine
  • Somet Rapier Dobby Machine
  • Picannol Rapier Jacquard Machine
  • Picannol Airjet Machine
  • Piccanol Airjet Dobby Machine & Picannol Rapier Dobby Loom

Our weaving capacity is

1.5 million

metres per month

We have


Weaving Machines


We possess India’s 2nd Largest set up of embroidery facilities for home textile. We dispatch 200,000 metres of high quality embroidered fabrics primarily into the United Kingdom, Europe and India with prestigious machines from ZSK, TAJIMA and GMI.

We additionally have –

  • Laser Applique Cutting Machines
  • Sequins Attachments
  • Cording Attachments
  • Hand Embroidery

The embroidery machines work efficiently with heavy, as well as sheer fabrics. We mostly use Cotton, Polyester, Wool, Viscose and Multi Blend Yarns for Embroidery. The average design requires about 150,000 stitches.

Our unit produces


metres of fabric per day

We have


multi-head embroidery machines

Average output each day is


stitches per machine


Digital printing enables us to explore designs and use cases in a much broader way. Our facilities specialise in digital, transfer and tie-&-dye prints. With respect to our digital prints, Swiss Ink gives us unmatched colour profiles which further produces very fine quality results.

Colour coating processes are automated whereby there is direct dispersion onto the fabric. We currently possess 14 Epson reactive printing machines with a capacity of 8000 metres per day.

A new addition to our repertoire, The Beam Printing Machines, allows the Design Team to observe and experiment much more as it lets them print directly on the warp. The newest entrants to our repertoire are the Reggiani Digital Printing Machine and Epson Mona Lisa.

Reactive Prints



Disperse Prints






Zappa Colour Coating




Our well-orchestrated, contemporary dyeing facilities have exceptional capacity thereby allowing us to execute most standardised small, medium and large scale orders.

All of our jet dyes are placed strategically to ensure utmost efficiency and they’re controlled by an Italian-made Colour Service Auto Dosing Machine. The machine boasts 99% precision and generates 1 recipe under 7 minutes. All fabrics prepared through our machines are OEKO-TEX-certified, currently the highest established standard for fabric dyeing and decoration material.

Additionally, there are 5 sampling jet machines which cater to our quick sampling requirements.

To further our vision of sustainability, we have installed a Reverse Osmosis Plant, to provide recycled water for dyeing processes.

Our facilities can successfully dye:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Linen, Cotton
  • Chenille
  • Poly Cotton & Poly Viscose

We can dye upto

1.65 million

metres per month

The batches range from

5 kgs – 500 kgs

We are equipped with


Dyeing Machines


Our Finishing Plant is completely automated and all of the processes run entirely by themselves.

Some of our prominent machines for finishing include:

  • Bruckner & Montex Stenter
  • Pentek Finishing Machinery
  • Andritz Kusters Calendaring Machine
  • Benninger Continuous Bleaching Range
  • Bruckner Sanforizing Machine

In total, we can process an average of 1.65 million metres per month.


Equipment for industry-standard widths currently stands as follows –

  • 140 CMS – 16 Machines
  • 300 CMS – 4 Machines
  • Knitting – 3 Machines

To move towards more efficient dispatch processes, new, automated, Inspection, Cutting and Packing Technology machines will be installed in the coming months. Some of their primary benefits are –

  • Batch-to-batch’ inspection and generation of fabric quality mapping files
  • Setting optimisation levels for cutting as per client order specifics
  • High-speed cutting and winding

Can dispatch upto


metres of fabric per day

Our warehouse stocking capacity is




Over the years, we’ve developed some unique directions to showcase collection books that go to our customers.

Can process upto

13,500 Books & Hangers

per month

We produce over

500,000 SKUs

per month


At G.M. Syntex, we believe in taking serious steps towards sustainability and in making valuable contributions to make the world a better place to live in for us, and the generations to come. The newest addition to our list of certifications is the GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD 6.0 (GOTS6.0)


  • Organic Content Standard 3.0
  • Global Recycled Standard 4.0
  • Global Organic Textile Standard 6.0 (Gots 6.0)
  • OEKO-TEX® Certificate